WSU College of Veterinary Medicine senior paper highlights, April 2024

  • Johne’s Disease in Cattle: A Review of Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, Control and Management from a Herd-Health Standpoint
  • Review of Growth Implants in the Cattle Industry
  • A Raw Take on Raw Milk Consumption: Review of the Risks and Benefits
  • Selenium Toxicity and its Effects on Reproduction
  • How large animal veterinarians can provide value in an increasingly self-sufficient industry: Hobby Farming
  • Investigating the Association of Clinical Mastitis Timing Relative to Service with Pregnancy at First Service in Dairy Cattle
  • Small ruminant producers: veterinary access, antibiotic usage, and telehealth
  • Welfare Implications of Farrowing Crates in Swine Production
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WSU ag senior paper highlights, winter 2023

  • Title: The different castration techniques in beef calves.
  • Title: An overview of the risks and benefits of drinking unpasteurized cow’s milk.
  • Title: Comparison of progesterone based estrus synchronization protocols with differing GnRH and PGF2alpha injections in beef heifers.
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WSU ag animal faculty research updates, winter 2023

  • Title: Effects of a farm-specific fecal microbial transplant (FMT) product on clinical outcomes and fecal microbiome composition in preweaned dairy calves
  • Title: Transcriptional changes detected in fecal RNA from neonatal dairy calves of different breeds following gastrointestinal disease of varying severity
  • Title: Improving farm-level antimicrobial stewardship benchmarks by reporting antimicrobial use within the context of both the magnitude of disease pressure and the outcome of therapy
  • Title: Contrasting fecal methanogenic and bacterial profiles of organic dairy cows located in northwest Washington receiving either a mixed diet of pasture and TMR or solely TMR
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WSU ag senior paper highlights, fall 2023

  • Title: The relationship between Angus and Santa Gertrudis sired steer calves and Anabolic Implant Protocol relative to steer feeding behavior in the feedlot.
  • Title: Rinderpest rights and wrongs: Disease control lessons for the small animal practitioner.
  • Title: Common causes of abortion in beef cattle in the Southwest Region of the United States.
  • Title: Assessing the relationship between pulmonary lobar consolidation and bacterial prevalence in the upper respiratory tract of Holstein dairy calves.
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WSU College of Veterinary Medicine senior paper highlights

  • Title: Regenerative agriculture: A veterinary guide to integrative control of GI parasites in pastured Livestock.
  • Lop, lop, snip, snip, sizzle. That’s gotta hurt! How are we doing managing pain in cattle.
  • Title: Common diseases in backyard flocks: Laying hens.
  • Title: Differential gene expression in peripheral leukocytes of pre-weaned Holstein heifer calves with respiratory disease.
  • Title: Comparative diagnoses of respiratory disease in preweaned dairy calves using sequential thoracic ultrasonography and clinical respiratory scoring.
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