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“Good Health Records” are…


Represent all disease that occurs on the dairy and how each is treated.

  • All disease episodes are recorded as a specific disease (eg Mastitis, Metritis)

    All treatments that have a withdrawal time (eg antibiotics) are recorded

  • Lesion Location: Affected foot (diseases causing lameness) or quarter (mastitis) is recorded


All disease episode information is recorded the same way every time so records from the entire herd can be quickly and easily summarized and evaluated.

  • Same information in the same order using the same abbreviations


Allow health management decision-making based on unbiased evaluation of outcomesrather than perceptions.

  • Occurrence of new disease episodes (prevention failure) vs recurrent disease episode (treatment failure)
  • Outcomes of disease and treatments: retreatments, recurrence, removal

Dairy Health Management Assessments

A guide to understanding the diagnosis, treatment and recording of the major diseases of dairy cattle on the farm

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How are “Good Health Records” achieved?