Enhanced biosecurity plans

Given the concern surrounding avian influenza virus Type A H5N1, now is a great time to examine your current biosecurity management. We have been working in tandem with the WSDA and Darigold over the past two years to help develop enhanced biosecurity plans for WA dairies. Everything we have accomplished on this front has originated in some way or another from the Center for Food Safety and Public Health (CFSPH) and the specific securemilksupply.org site. Some of the most relevant content can be accessed through: cfsph.iastate.edu/secure-food-supply/ and securemilksupply.org/milk-producers/biosecurity/  including the Information manual for enhanced biosecurity for FMD prevention: Dairy.

Please reach out to me at cmcconnel@wsu.edu if you are interested in working with us this upcoming summer as we continue to involve veterinary and undergraduate students in developing enhanced biosecurity plans for WA dairies.

In the meantime, the list below highlights a number of other links that you may find useful: