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Spotlight Articles Year
Bovine Pinkeye Considerations 2020
Bluetongue Virus in Sheep (Producer Version) 2019
Bluetongue Virus in Sheep (Veterinary Version) 2019
Antimicrobial Resistance Risks and Stewardship 2019
Ancillary Therapies for Calf Diarrhea: Medical use of Activated Charcoal 2018
Ancillary Therapies for Calf Diarrhea: Medical use of Bismuth 2018
Ancillary Therapies for Calf Diarrhea: Medical use of Kaolin 2018
Campylobacter Abortions in Sheep and Tetracycline Resistance 2017
Caring for Livestock After a Wildfire (WSDA) 2017
Genomics and the Pre-weaned Dairy Calf 2017
Calf Treatment for Diarrhea: Are the Drugs We Use Effective? 2015
Goats and CAE: How do we keep herds free? 2015
Group Housing Preweaned Dairy Calves: Socialization versus Disease Transmission 2015
Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza 2015
The Blue Stuff or the Brown Stuff Properties of Various Disinfectants 2015
Cause for Concern: Bovine Leukemia Virus 2014
Weighing the Evidence:
Part I. A guide to thinking about E coli O157:H7
Part II. It’s how we feed cattle that leads to E coli O157:H7 shedding right?
Part III. What measures do we have to reduce E coli O157:H7 shedding from cattle?
How to Locomotion Score Dairy Cows to Estimate Herd Lameness Prevalence 2012
Reducing Heat Stress in Hutch Calves 2012
Rationale for a Dairy Herd Lameness Investigation Strategy 2012
Dairy Disease Prevention Assessment Tool 2012
Can I Feed Out My Cull Cows? 2012
Footbaths for the Treatment or Control of Hairy Heel Warts (Digital Dermatitis) in Dairy Herds: Summary of Seven Studies 2012
New Meat Residue Testing Program – 2012 2012
Fine-Tuning Your Beef Cattle AI Program 2011
Ten Facts about Trichomoniasis in Cattle 2011
Infectious Keratoconjunctivitis (Pink Eye in Cattle) 2011
Calf Housing and Environments Series:
I. The Calf’s First Environment – The Maternity Pen
II. Transportation of the Newborn to the Calf – Rearing Facility
III. Hutches or Group Pens for Pre – Weaned Calves?
IV. Effects of Hutch or Pen Environment on Pre – Weaned Calf Health, Welfare, and   Performance
V. Reducing Pathogen Load in the Calf Environment
VI. The Calf Environment and Caretaker Health
VII. Recommendations for Calf Housing
VIII. Assessment Tool to Evaluate the Calf Environment
Bovine Respiratory Disease (Shipping Fever in Cattle) 2010
Residues? I Thought We Took Care of That! Or Have We? 2010
To Use or Not to Use? The Doctrine of Judicious Antibiotic Use 2010
Feeding Quality Non-salable (Waste) Milk to Dairy Calves 2010
Top 11 Reasons Vaccines Fail 2010
Tail Docking in Dairy Cattle 2010
Vesicular Stomatitis in Livestock 2009
Weak Calf Syndrome 2009
Dairy Cattle and Floods 2009
WSDA – Biosecurity Checklist For Livestock Exhibitors 2009
Dairy Cattle and Heat Stress 2008
Malignant Catarrhal Fever (MCF) in Cattle 2008