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Training Module: How to Locomotion Score Dairy Cows

The following training module is a 15 minute interactive presentation in which you will learn to assign a locomotion score to dairy cows to quantify lameness.

The presentation includes:

  1. Description of each locomotion score with examples.
  2. Videos of cows walking for you to practice on and receive feedback.
  3. A quiz for you to assign locomotion scores to video clips of cows walking.  These data will be collected to calculate inter-observer agreement. (Previously published inter-observer agreement for locomotion scoring is not 100%, so don’t worry if some of your scores differ from those given – it is a subjective scoring system.)

If you are a veterinarian participating in the Prevalence in the Northwest study:

Please complete the training module, being sure to provide your name when prompted andcomplete the locomotion score quiz for inter-observer agreement calculations.

Please click on one of the Training Module’s below to get started:

  • Open Training Module (Anyone)
  • If you are a veterinarian participating in the herd prevalence study please click on one of the links below. If you have not taken a course with us before you will have to register before watching the training and taking the quiz. Note: your entire e-mail address is your Username (ex:
    1) First time taking a course with us? Register here
    2) Have you taken a course with us before? Register here

Important Notes: After you register you will receive an e-mail with the link to access the course.  This should happen shortly after you submit your registration information.  Please complete the entire presentation in one seamless session (i.e. do not cancel out of the web browser and return) because if you do, your information will not be tracked.