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Sold Cow Report

You don’t send cows to market that have a drug residue in them.  However, someone else might!  Although back tags applied at the auction should correspond to the consignor, stories have been told where a producer didn’t sell cattle on a day they are accused of sending a cow that had a drug residue.  You never intended to send cows to slaughter that have a drug residue, however, mistakes do occur.  Creating and maintaining Sold Cow Reports are an easy way to provide evidence that it wasn’t your cow with a residue that day or that it was an honest mistake rather than negligence.

We recommend generating a Sold Cow Report for every load of cows permanently leaving the operation.  At a minimum the report should detail:

  • Date of the report
  • Cow ID
  • The last recorded health event and remark prior to removal (last 2-3 is even better)
  • The last meat withdrawal dates recorded
  • The date and reason sold.

If you use handwritten records:

  • Write up the report before cows load on the truck.

If you use dairy management software:

  • Make use of available tools for drug treatment tracking that will calculate and record milk and meat withdrawal dates (only about half of dairies make use of these tools).
  • Sell the cows in the computer before they are loaded on the truck.
  • Print the Sold Cow Report.

**Review the Sold Cow Report before cows are loaded on the truck and leave.

**Save a copy in a file for at least 2 years.

Benefits of the Sold Cow Report

  • This is a good final check that calculated withdrawal times are being observed, reducing the risk of cows leaving the farm with a residue. *Assuming the withdrawal times were appropriate for the treatments given.
  • Provide evidence that it wasn’t your cow if source was uncertain.  The ability to quickly produce a report detailing cows sold on a given date, their last treatments and withdrawal dates from a large file of such reports instills confidence that you maintain adequate records that reduce the risk of drug residues in cows you market.



 Dairy Comp 305® Example  DHI-Plus® Example