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The “Good Health Records” Program


Accurate and consistent health records, efficiently summarized, used to evaluate and inform management decisions on all dairies.

This goal will be most rapidly realized along with improvements in cattle health if the dairy industry changes from ‘user-defined’ to standardized health data recording similar to current reproduction and milk production records. 

Information about the “Good Health Records” program

Most dairies are just a few small changes away from more useful, informative health records by following the 3 simple rules of good recording. Learn what “Good Health Records” are, why dairies should have them and how easy they are to achieve.

Tools and Resources to achieve “Good Health Records”

Assessment tools to see if your dairy has “Good Health Records” and if  your treatment records are ‘good enough’ for the FDA.  Veterinarian’s Guide and other resources to get started keeping “Good Health Records”.

“Good Health Records” in action

Who has “Good Health Records” in Washington and Idaho and examples “Good Health Records” being used to better inform health management decisions on dairies.

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“This project was supported by Agriculture and Food
Research Initiative Competitive Grant number 2010-85122
-20611 from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.”