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Genomics & Dairy Cow Fertility

Selection for higher milk production in United States dairy cattle has been very successful during the past 50 years, however today’s lactating dairy cows exhibit a high incidence of subfertility and infertility with a national pregnancy rate of only 15%.  An integrated approach to improve fertility of dairy cattle will be conducted with goal of improving fertility of dairy cattle using translational genomics.


Our research hypothesis is that lactating cow fertility can be increased through genetic selection for maternal fertility in heifers and use of sires with high daughter pregnancy rate (DPR), resulting in a significant, sustainable, and profitable increase in overall herd fertility.


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This work is supported by a grant from USDA NIFA AFRI Grant No. 2013-68004-20365 and the following Universities:

USDA_ARS_3Washington State UniversityPrint

UniversityofMissouriUniversity of Florida

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