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Assistance in an Independent Research Project at Bonney Lake High School: The week of January 4, 2016 our Research Supervisor, Russ McClanahan, headed to Bonney Lake High School to assist in an independent research project on E. coli and antibiotic resistance.  There he taught the student about E.coli, Kirby Bauer tests, proper handling of fecal samples, and isolation techniques.  This information will aid the student’s research in an antibiotic alternatives research project.  The student will be presenting her findings at WSU in March 2016.

Calf Care Audit: By the time a treatment decision is made for a young calf, the disease process likely affected its growth potential.  This program will highlight the tools and methods for evaluating the critical control points in calf rearing.  Presented by Dr. Dale Moore, December 14, 2016: Webinar Recording & PowerPoint slides with notes.

  1. Check list
  2. Audit form
  3. Heifer goals form
  4. Dilution procedures for Petri film plating & reading colostrum/milk
  5. Managing a pasteurizer system for feeding milk to calves (BAMN)

Progressive Dairyman Article: If a little’s good, is more better? Moore, Floren, Sischo in Progressive Dairyman, January 18, 2016.

NIAA Symposium Presentations: links to the presentations from 2015 NIAA Antibiotic Symposium.

Treatment of Calf Diarrhea for Calf Caretakers:

Ancillary Therapy for Calf Diarrhea: These factsheets are primarily intended for veterinarians, Jan 2018.