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Mitigate Antibiotic Resistance in Food Animal Production Systems

By Integrating Biology,  Psychology and Ecology

Antibiotic Awareness Week is
November 13-19, 2017.
WSU CVM will be bringing awareness all week, check us out on social media: Facebook & Twitter & YouTube

The goal for the U.S. food system is to provide our population access to affordable and nutritious food.  The goal is balanced with two needs: to ensure that producers thrive and have sustainable systems and animal and public health are protected.  For this to work the production system must deliver a sufficient, high quality, and consistent product with few defects.  For food animal production systems this means rearing healthy animals and managing input costs. One management tool is the use of antibiotics to treat and prevent disease. While there are benefits to public and animal health from antibiotic use in animal production, the problem of antibiotic resistance continues to be a pressing global issue and one that needs to be addressed in a one health context.

Our over-arching goals for affecting resistance in the food system and on the farm is based on reducing unnecessary selective pressure (antibiotic use) to lower the on farm abundance and diversity of resistant organisms and mitigating the consequences of antibiotic use.

In this project site you will find:

  • Objectives – Provides the objectives for each portion of the project to help meet our over-arching goals
  • Outreach – As the project progresses, different outreach materials from our findings will be presented here for your use
  • Research Abstracts – A posting of abstracts from project publications
  • Research Team – Presents the team involved in the project

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This work is supported by USDA NIFA Grant No. 2015-68003-22998 and the following universities.

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