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Bovine Tuberculosis

cowbabyTuberculosis (TB) is a re-emerging disease in the United States and is a threat to Washington cattle.

All TB testing of cattle or bison in Washington state is performed by a veterinarian accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services.  In addition, all accredited veterinarians who test cattle or bison in Washington for TB are required to successfully complete training in tuberculosis testing procedures provided by USDA or WSDA by April 30, 2010.  Veterinarians who do not meet this deadline may not perform official TB testing until training is completed.  Veterinarians who do not meet this deadline may not perform official TB testing until training is completed. Veterinarians who watch the video provided on this website and pass the quiz will meet USDA and WSDA requirements for TB certification. (WAC 16-86-125)

Quick Resources

Tuberculosis Certification Testing for Bovine Practitioners

Please take the online course developed by Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) Animal Health Program. WSDA would like to thank the California Department of Food and Agriculture for allowing us to use their TB video in our training.

WSDA will monitor and track registrants in order to provide them with a certificate upon completion. A score of 100% is required to become certified and should you not pass, WSDA will provide consultation for free from one of their field veterinarians in order to become certified.

Follow the instructions below to access the course. NOTE: your entire email address is your Username.

  • First time taking a course with us? Register here.
  • Have you taken a course with us before? Click here.

IMPORTANT NOTES: You must register in order to access this course. After you register, you will receive an email with the link to access the course. This should happen soon after you submit your registration information. You will have three attempts to answer each question correctly but only one chance to take the entire quiz. You will need 100% correct responses to receive your certificate. Please complete the entire presentation in one seamless session (i.e. do not cancel out of web browser and return) because if you do, your information will not be tracked. Contact the Tuberculosis Epidemiologist with questions.

What’s Next??

  • If you’ve passed the quiz, you will receive a certificate issued by WSDA within ten (10) business days. If you’ve not received a certificate, please contact the Program Coordinator.
  • If you’ve not passed after the third attempt, please contact the Program Coordinator below and she will work with you directly to help you understand the questions you missed. A certificate will be issued upon clarification of information.
  • Program Coordinator: Kerrie Pfalzgraf (360) 902-1878

Technical Specifications

  • Internet Connection: high speed works best, but dial-up will work also, just slower
  • Monitor: normal computer monitors should work fine
  • Audio: speakers to hear the presentation
  • Mouse: standard mouse