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4-H & Fair

4hlogoCompendium of Measures to Prevent Disease Associated with Animals in Public Settings, 2011 by CDC

Training for 4-H livestock volunteer leaders:

Check out the new on-line training modules for 4-H volunteer leaders! On-line training is an accessible, interactive, and fun way to learn about topics that are important for youth livestock projects!

  • Animal Disease Screening Tool:
  • Biosecurity: PED Advisory for Washington Fairs and Exhibitions (May 2014)
  • Biosecurity Activity: What Goes Around Comes Around
  • Biosecurity Checklist for Livestock Exhibitors PDFDisease Prevention in 4-H Livestock Projects
  • Biosecurity for Livestock Shows and Fairs
  • Biosecurity Signs for Fairs
  • Disease Prevention Module:
    “Ensuring the health of people and livestock by implementation of bio-security practices.”Designed specifically for 4-H volunteer leaders who work with livestock projects, the Disease Prevention Module is one of two modules brought to you by Veterinary Medicine Extension. This training module teaches you bio-security practices and how they can be used to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading diseases while raising 4-H livestock. It is a great way to learn disease prevention while providing you with inspiration and teaching ideas so you can bring these concepts to youth in your county!
    To participate click on the link here: Disease Prevention Module
  • Healthy Fairs WebinarHousing Environments for 4-H Livestock Projects
  • Housing Environments Module:
    “Providing clean and comfortable environments to optimize livestock health and wellbeing.”Housing environments have a great impact on the health and wellbeing of 4-H livestock. Therefore the third module in this series created for 4-H volunteer leaders focuses on optimizing housing environments. Learn the importance of minimizing environmental stressors and maximizing animal comfort in raising healthy livestock. This module also includes two activity booklets that can be used by youth in your county to learn about air quality and housing space requirements for their 4-H livestock projects.
    To participate click on the link here: Housing Environments Module
    Housing Environments Module Activity Booklets:
        1) Respiratory Activity – PDF
        2) Space and Environment Activity – PDFQuality Assurance for 4-H Livestock Projects
  • Quality Assurance Module:
    “Providing safe and wholesome products for consumers through 4-H livestock projects.”The second module of this series introduces the subject of quality assurance and why it is important for youth to meet quality assurance standards while raising 4-H livestock. Youth who raise livestock take on a producer role in the food supply continuum which includes the responsibility of providing safe and wholesome products for consumers. This module is a great way to learn about quality assurance while motivating leaders to equip youth livestock producers!To participate click on the link here: Quality Assurance Module

    4-H Youth Development

    • E-Learning for Volunteer Leaders & Other Youth Friendly Programs – Website
    • People Pet Partnership at WSU – Website