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Dairy Cow Genomics: Uses and Role of the Veterinarian

On October 3rd 2015 a day-long program was delivered on the current and future use of genomics in dairy cattle and how the dairy cattle veterinarian can help their clients utilize this information.  This material was presented at the Academy of Dairy Veterinary Consultants Fall Meeting in Sacramento, CA: Agenda & Discussion Notes.

Dairy Genomics Workshop Recordings

In December 2014 & November-December 2016 traveling workshops were conducted discussing genomics of fertility.  They were recorded and the best quality ones are presented.

Genetic and Genomics: An Introduction

An article published in eXtension on September 01, 2015 by S. Menegatti Zoca, B. Glaze, D.A. Moore, and J. C. Dalton.

Genetic and Genomics: An Introduction

An article published in print and online,, in The Progressive Dairyman, Issue 17, October 19, 2016, Page 66 by S. Menegatti Zoca, B. Glaze, D.A. Moore, and J. C. Dalton.

Genetic Selection in Dairy Cattle – A Double-Edged Sword by Dr. D.A. Moore

Think about the progress that has been made using AI in dairy cattle.  Milk production per cow per year has increased from 9,700 lbs in 1970 to over 22,000 lbs.  We have improved milk and milk component yield, used ‘low somatic cell count’ bulls, shifted foot and leg conformation and improved the udder.  But as production has increased, fertility has declined, overall, in dairy cattle.  Is there a genetic component?

Identification of Loci Associated with Fertility in US Holstein Heifers – ADSA Poster 2016

Elizabeth Keuter, a Master of Science student in the Department of Animal Science, won first place in the American Dairy Science Association Graduate Student Poster Competition for M.S. Students on July 20th at the Joint Annual Meeting of the American Society of Animal Science and American Dairy Science Association in Salt Lake City, Utah.