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Calf Science Home Page

From Genes to Weaning

Dairy calves represent the future herd but rearing them to be top performers can sometimes be challenging. The purpose of this website is to provide a source of information to dairy farmers, veterinarians, advisors and calf caretakers knowledge and tips on current calf care topics to promote health. The site contains traditional factsheets but also video courses in English and Spanish and links for science-based ways to approach calf care.

Website Directory:

  • Calf Behavior and Welfare
  • Calf Nutrition
  • Colostrum Management
  • Disease Detection and Treatments
  • Genomics
  • Housing Options
  • Maternity Pen Management
  • Post-weaning Management
  • Record Keeping of Herd Health
  • Veterinary Oversight
  • Weaning Management

Funding for this work done over the years has come from the following grants: